Learn To Dive

Learn To Dive is a group for those who are just starting. Athletes will learn the basics and fundamentals of the wonderful sport of diving and learn the skills they need to progress in their journeys.


Monthly Tuition:

Tuesday, Thursday

Practice Time: 6:45-8:15pm

2 Days/Week: $160

1 Day/Week: $80



Athletes with some experience and learning dives in all of the categories (Front, Back, Reverse, Inward, Twist). A place to continue learning, be in a constant state of improvement, and strive for the next level.


Monthly Tuition:

Monday, Wednesday, Friday

Practice Time: 6:45-8:30pm

3 Days/Week: $240

2 Days/Week: $170


Advanced/Junior Olympic

Athletes with experience and dives in each of the categories (Front, Back, Reverse, Inward, Twist) with the desire to compete. A place to hone their skills, be competitive, and constantly improve.


Monthly Tuition:


Practice Time: M-F: 5:15-7:15pm

5 Days/Week: $400

4 Days/Week: $330

3 Days/Week: $250


Free Trial Day

Come check us out, free of charge with an AAU Memebership, and see if the ODA family is right for you! Tell your friends!


AAU Membership

Orlando Dive Academy is registered and insured through AAU (Amateur Athletic Union). An AAU Membership is required to tryout and practice.

Instructions for Membership:

  • Join AAU
  • Get a Membership > Youth Athlete Membership
  • Select "Extended (AB)" Coverage ($16)
  • Find Club by Zipcode
  • Orlando Dive Academy (Club Code: WY6C76)
  • Finish application


USA Diving Membership

Orlando Dive Academy is also registered with USA Diving. Certain competitions our team participates in are sanctioned by USA Diving. USA Membership is not required if the athlete is not competing in these events.

Instructions for Membership:

  • Join USA Diving
  • Athlete Membership > Competitive Athlete Membership ($75)
  • Club Affiliation > Association: Florida (Northern FL)
  • Club: Orlando Dive Academy
  • Finish application with personal information