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Orlando Dive Academy

Orlando Dive Academy is a husband and wife team of diving coaches to teach children about the beautiful sport of springboard diving. ODA has a Learn To Dive Group, Intermediate, and Advanced Groups. Coaches Jaq and Terry are passionate about the sport and truly want to pass on the knowledge to the next generation of athletes.


Learn To Dive Lessons

Learn To Dive is a group for those who are just starting. Athletes will learn the basics and fundamentals of the sport and the skills they need to progress in their journeys.

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Intermediate Diving Lessons

Athletes with some experience and learning dives in all of the categories. A place to continue learning, be in a constant state of improvement, and strive for the next level.

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Advanced Diving Lessons

Athletes with experience and dives in each of the categories with the desire to compete. A place to hone their skills, be competitive, and constantly improve.

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